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Beginning his musical journey at the age of 11 at Houston's Clifton Middle School, Marcus Roberts demonstrated an early proclivity for a wide variety of musical genres. Sharpening his skills as a member of Scarborough and Eisenhower High Schools marching and concert bands, Boodah continues to offer his freelance drum styling.

Earning his Associates degree in Music and Video Business from Houston’s Art Institute ’95., Marcus Roberts began his knowledge of the entertainment industry and show production in 1996 working as an artist manager and with three of Houston’s Premier A/V companies as a sound, lighting, and video technician, till 2005. Then in 2006 creating his image of The Phunky BOODAH, his own production began.Earning another Associates Degree with Honors in Music Arrangement and Composition and Production, Phunky BOODAH is more than "just another man with sticks behind a drum kit". Inducted into Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society, this Desert Shield and Desert Storm Marine veteran returned to the States his pursuit of all things musical, including becoming the President of MEISA (Music and Entertainment Industry Student Associate) at Houston Community College and was honored to receive the Student Association of the Year award throughout his term, along with being awarded Houston Community College 2008-2009 Student of the Year for himself. Acting as a freelance drummer, Roberts has demonstrated diversified talents including hosting an Open Mic night at Dean's in Houston, to rave reviews, such as, "Boodah is a premier host with a startling wit and observations that are humorous and thought provoking”. Defying definition since ‘95, Boodah is also the principle drummer for Brown Chapel A.M.E. https://brownchapelhouston.com and George Foreman’s Church of the Lord Jesus Christ www.georgeforeman.com, providing soul stirring back up for both the choirs. Congregants of both places of worship often said that Phunky Boodah provides the backbeat to an ideal worship experience. Phunky BOODAH continues to stretch his talents while being a key member of Kingdom Blue Ministries Productions by acting in various plays/skits, since 1998. Never one to wait on an opportunity, Phunky BOODAH continues perfecting his craft by committing to an ongoing mentorship/study program with Sebastian Whittaker, Jazz Drum Master and works in concert with several local artists around the Houston area. Additionally, Roberts utilizes skills gained while playing on the Dynamo Pep Band and Terceiracost Sumba Band drum lines. 

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